We provide services such as training programs, workshops, retreats, as well as ongoing consulting and coaching, applying the integrated Alchemus Prime Diamond Model. Through our offerings, we help build balanced, effective, confident, and innovative team members; with our guidance, our clients cultivate healthy, playful, engaged, and meaningful ways of working.We support stakeholder and employee engagement in a variety of settings, including climate and sustainability action planning, wellness initiatives, and leadership programs. We embody the philosophy of The Tao of Leadership, allowing the flow of nature and self-actualization to shape effective action, without the need to control, but flowing with the surrender, persistence, and integrity of water. 

We help our clients become more like water: accepting, adapting to, and flowing with change in ways that maintain and strengthen their integrity while wearing away even the largest barriers.

As part of our services, we offer design thinking workshops that help our clients tap into their creativity to develop novel ways of achieving their strategic objectives.


Alchemus Prime specializes in assisting individuals, teams, communities and organizations through the following services: