The Alchemus Prime Diamond Model evinces the strengths of our integrated approach. The four mutually-reinforcing components of our model are:

  1. BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES: Transform actions, habits, and norms to better meet client objectives in ways that enhance results for everyone. Symbol: fire, an incredibly quick and efficient agent of change.
  2. DESIGN THINKING: Create solutions, systems, processes, and practices to help our clients achieve their goals in innovative ways. Symbol: water, the lifeblood of the earth.
  3. BIOMIMICRY: Sustain the solutions created over time and maintain harmony with the organization, society, and nature. Symbols: leaf and earth, representing how nature creates conditions that promote and nurture life.
  4. MEDITATION: Connect with oneself, and with nature to find one’s center, feel a sense of purpose, and act from a place of authenticity. Symbol: air, representing breath, which connects us to all life.
The Alchemus Prime Diamond Model aims to harmonize business with nature.
The Alchemus Prime Diamond Model aims to harmonize business with nature, getting results that benefit all.

This model helps to avoid the pitfalls of any one approach, getting results that clients seek: sustained behavior change, consistent creativity, design principles from nature’s wisdom, and the myriad benefits of meditation, while lowering risks, costs, and unintended consequences. 

The Alchemus Prime Diamond Model helps our clients:

  • Adopt and sustain healthy practices for the mind, body, heart, and spirit
  • Align with individual and collective purpose and passion
  • Assess immediate and long-term contexts, assets, constraints, and goals
  • Create products, services, and systems that benefit all life
  • Develop measurable benchmarks for projects and programs
  • Enhance team performance, conflict resolution and stress reduction
  • Implement, monitor, and evaluate programs and projects in creative ways
  • Reinvent and revitalize your career through our Career Manifestation Program