List of Clients

At Alchemus Prime, we bring experience from various sectors, and integrated science-based tools to serve our clients. Clients include large and small companies, nonprofits including educational institutions, and interdisciplinary conferences. We help clients create synergy between team members, goals, resources, and desired outcomes through win-win frameworks and solutions. 

Partial List of Past and Present Clients: 

Aerobraze Corporation

Airco Temescal

Aerojet General

Amcry International

Battelle Columbus Labs

Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference

Bioneers Conference

Castilleja School

Coating Technology Corporation

Combustion Power Corporation

Crystallume Corporation


East-West Center

Empower Efficiency

European Union’s Global Climate Change Alliance

Fraunhofer Institute

Gencoa Ltd

General Electric Corporation

Genpak Crawford Packaging

GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH

Greenfield Industries

HGA, Inc.

IKIAM University

Kelite Division\Witco Chemical

Jet Avion

Leybold GMBH

Louisville Partnership for a Green City

Lynbrook High School

Miller Thermal Inc.

Multi-Arc Vacuum Systems

National Ministry of Health, Fiji

Native Hawaiian Education Council

Naval Research Labs

Northern Arizona University

Ohlinger Industries Inc.

Pacific Center for Sustainable Development

Pilgrim School

Rockwood Leadership Institute

R.C.A. Corporation

Scientific Coatings

Sermatech International

Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Silicon Valley Education Foundation iHub

Spire Corporation

Sputtering Materials

Swedlow Incorporated

Ty International, Inc.

Thin Film Technologies, Inc.

Turbine Metal Technologies

United States Air Force

Varian Associates


West Comprehensive Center

West Virginia University

World Indigenous People’s Conference

Yachay City of Knowledge