How does your model work?

The Alchemus Prime Diamond Model is a flexible and dynamic framework. We first assess the client’s situation and challenge, then draw from the model’s four components (behavioral sciences, design thinking, biomimicry and meditation) to tailor a workshop or retreat curriculum, or a plan for consulting and coaching services. We work with the client at every step of the process to ensure the best possible outcomes. For example, if a client is developing a new product, we would first understand the goals for the product, its market, the R&D budget, material-energy needs, and so on, and then design our services to help the client optimize for their shareholders, clients, employees, and more broadly, for society and nature. Applying our model, we might encourage earth-friendly materials, supplier and distributor channels, employee and customer relations, and community programs that will provide long-term win-win outcomes for all parties involved.   

Where are you located?

We are located in the San Franscisco Bay Area and Southern California, and we travel nationally and internationally to serve our clients. Contact us to let us know where our services are needed. 

Why would your services be useful to me/us?

Check our Prime Questions page and if the answer is yes to any question, contact us. Also see our Career FAQs

What do you mean by behavioral sciences?

Behavioral sciences include theories (such as social cognitive theory), and disciplines (including social psychology and behavioral economics). Alchemus Prime applies a combination of tools from a range of theories and disciplines to design and implement initiatives that promote lasting behavior change as required by our clients.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking, also known as human-centered design, is a process for innovation. Design thinking workshops typically follow steps such as Empathize (with a user of a product or service), Define (a challenge or point of view), Brainstorm (many ideas), and Prototype (solution ideas). These steps may be followed in any order, iteratively, and are timed in order to bypass conventional thinking and spark creativity. 

What is biomimicry?

This seed responds to wind by twisting into a corkscrew shape, ensuring that it becomes fixed into the soil so it can sprout and grow. This example illustrates how useful nature’s design can be for humans.

Biomimicry is a field of inquiry that explores how humans can design and implement solutions based on how nature functions and solves challenges. For example, the way compartments of airplane wings close to streamline during take-off, and open to create friction during landing was inspired by birds’ feathers, which serve a similar function. The process of biomimicry includes a Scoping phase, which includes defining context, identifying the function of the design we want to create, e.g. improve communication, and integrating Life’s Principles, which are design lessons from nature. The next phase, Discovering, involves discerning models in nature and translating them into abstract biological strategies by asking “How does nature do X?” Creating is the third phase, in which we brainstorm ideas inspired by nature, and build solutions using design principles extracted from nature. Finally, in the fourth phase, Evaluating, we use Life’s Principles as a measure to assess how well our solution supports life.


How do you teach meditation?

We teach meditation using accessible and targeted exercises focusing on breath, the body, Reiki, or guided visualization. To harness the full benefits of meditation, we recommend doing such exercises daily, and, in the long-term, taking meditation classes. 

What can I/we expect from a workshop?

Workshops are interactive and include a varied pace; some exercises are thoughtful and reflective, while others are playful and fast-paced. Clients can expect to be confused at times: it’s always alright to ask questions. Clients can expect to play, have fun, draw, write, work in teams, come up with many ideas, and give and receive constructive feedback. Clients are likely to feel a sense of empathy with fellow participants, enhance their confidence in their own creative ability, and appreciate the time-efficient process we offer for generating solution ideas. Clients will find a safe space to fail with minimal risk, learn from these failures, and share ideas without judgment. Clients will enhance their ability to work in teams. Every workshop is tailored meticulously for the clients’ specific situation and needs. 

What can I/we expect from a guided retreat?

Retreats are for individuals, teams, and organizations that are experiencing transition. Retreats with individuals focus on cognitive, emotional, creative, and intuitive development, allowing the participant(s) to connect deeply with self (and/or the team). All retreats include immersion in nature to create a sense of calm and grounding. Depending on the focus of the retreat, the participant(s) perform a series of exercises using the Alchemus Prime Diamond Model to hone in on their goals through brainstorming, vetting different models, and coming up with concrete action steps. Ongoing coaching is offered to ensure the participant stays on track after the retreat. Retreats with teams follow a similar protocol, with an emphasis on team cohesion. Retreats are tailored to the needs of the individual or team for maximum benefit, and we prioritize beautiful locations where nature’s inspiration can be leveraged. 

How long are your workshops and retreats?

We offer a variety of formats to suit our clients’ needs:

  • Half-day workshops to get clients acquainted with our approach
  • Full-day workshops for a more in-depth experience with the Alchemus Prime Diamond Model 
  • Four-to-seven-day retreats for individuals and teams, including the Career Manifestation Program
  • A series of workshops over months, focused on specific goals or projects that clients identify
  • Specialized workshops in one or more components of the Alchemus Prime model, e.g. how to facilitate design thinking or how to design a behavioral intervention, over weeks or months

What happens after a workshop or retreat ends?

We offer an immediate debrief to evaluate outcomes and assess future needs; our ongoing consulting and coaching services can then be tailored to support the implementation, scaling, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the initiatives our clients choose to carry forward.

What is a behavioral intervention?

It is an initiative or project designed to achieve modifications in behaviors, procedures, and norms toward a desired outcome. For example, we can assist our clients (or assist our clients in designing for their clients) with how to adapt to a new organizational culture after a merger or acquisition, develop new practices for optimized job seeking, implement a new initiative, optimize HR protocols for enhanced efficiency in the workplace and better goal-attainment, and so on.

How do I know which of your services is right for me/us?

The easiest way is to read our Prime Questions and the Career FAQscontact us with a brief description of the situation, and we will set up a conversation to learn more and offer some suggestions for how we can help.