Career Manifestation Program

Many of us are in constant transition. We seek more fulfilling careers and more meaningful relationships; we want to identify what we want to do with our lives and find more relaxed free time to do more of what we want instead of what we feel we have to do. Most of us are also overextended, multi-tasking, anxious, and burned out: 58% of American employees say their stress levels are rising, and anxiety is the number one cause for mental health treatment, costing the U.S. $42 billion per year, with a 400% increase in the use of antidepressants over the past decade. The 70% of employees that are uninspired and disengaged are costing the U.S. economy over $450 billion annually

Where are you in this process of career fulfilment? Are you “really” happy with the choices that you made or those that were made for you? Perhaps you are one of the fortunate ones: doing exactly what you planned to do and in the perfect balance between work, career, fun, and free time.

For those that aren’t there yet, we developed the Career Manifestation Program. Through this program, we use science based tools to develop your skills, talents, resources, networks, intellect, intuition, and creativity. Using the Alchemus Prime Diamond Model, we integrate your gifts into elegant and inspiring designs that reinvent your life and career in the directions you value the most.


  • Format: individual or group retreat 
  • Duration: 4 days, 3 nights minimum 
  • Location: beautiful nature-inspired setting 
  • Dates: year-round, based on demand
  • Follow up: coaching and fine-tuning as needed


To synergize personal aspirations, assets, and resources, to identify and refine vision, mission, and goals, and to leverage them with current and future business and/or nonprofit opportunities that lead to a diversified portfolio of income streams, creating free time to pursue the passions that represent the true “you.” At the same time, to engage in win-win solutions that help everyone around you including family, friends, community, and Mother Earth. AND to have FUN doing it.


We are constantly called upon by life to choose between love and fear.

There is often no shortage of fears:

  • Failure
  • Embarrassment
  • Taking risks
  • Disapproval from advisors, family members, peers, and colleagues
  • Feeling like you’ve sold out or let others down
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in anymore
  • Feeling stuck and afraid to admit it openly or unsure what to do about it
  • Shame that you haven’t figured it all out yet
  • Becoming bankrupt or homeless
  • Being misunderstood
  • Not being funded
  • Losing friends
  • Losing face
  • Losing independence
  • Feeling like you’re too far down the road to change now
  • Not knowing what’s next
  • Appearing impractical, irrational, emotional, or weak


  1. Loving yourself enough to embrace your true passions by taking the time to re-examine your goals and reinvent your career and life purpose through our Career Manifestation Program retreat. This requires stepping out of your comfort zone. 
  2. Applying the power of science, innovation, nature, and mindfulness to your life and career through the Alchemus Prime Diamond Model within and beyond your retreat.
  3. Achieving your goals and mission, and going beyond them to give back to your loved ones, community, and to Mother Earth in dynamic and creative ways through our initial retreat and ongoing coaching services.

How to know if our Career Manifestation Program is right for you:

If one or more of the statements listed below, or if our Career FAQs resonate with you, contact us.

  • This salary or my company doesn’t support me/my goals/my family
  • My talents or skills or my degrees are worth more and are not being utilized fully.
  • I want to quit and do what I love but I don’t know how it will support me
  • I know exactly what I want to do but I’m not sure how to transition to it from my current situation
  • I want to found a startup that’s a service-oriented nonprofit but I think no one will fund it
  • My startup is doing great right now but I want to scale and stay ahead of competitors and finds ways to leverage growth.
  • I am working in a field that I don’t love and my talents aren’t being used well
  • I want to transition out of my research position and use my skills in industry and/or community
  • I want to try out different pathways without losing time, money or status if I fail, and then choose my next career path or work for myself.
  • I want to work with low-income communities and make a good living

We designed Alchemus Prime’s Career Manifestation Program to assist you in fostering a profound synergy between your personal and professional goals, using our science-based model and the most crucial ingredient: you. It’s time to be your true self. 

Your new, fully integrated life, lived at your prime, and starting now, awaits you!