Career FAQs

Our Career Manifestation Program will help you develop win-win solutions while answering these Career FAQs and other questions you have about your work and life.

How do I:  

  • make income from the resources and assets that I have developed in order to fully support myself, meet my vision, and achieve my goals?
  • find out if my talents or skills or degrees are worth more?
  • leverage myself or our executive team better, for continued success and growth?
  • quit the job I currently have and support myself while discovering what I love and want to do next?
  • take my idea from inception to intellectual property and monetize it for passive income?
  • scale up my startup and stay ahead of competitors?
  • work with public-private partnerships to make a difference in education, healthcare, poverty, technology, and/or the environment?
  • create several “me’s” so that I can do more than one thing at a time?
  • find ethical sources of funding or ethical projects to fund?
  • transition out of my current career and into the one I know I want?
  • try out different career choices without spending too much time or money, before choosing my next career path?
  • work to help low-income communities AND make a good living?
  • cover my expenses, help my family and yield more free time to follow my dreams?

Contact us to learn how we might work together to turn your Career FAQs into multiple income streams that support you, your community, and Mother Earth.

We help our clients answer tough questions about how to integrate career options with the greater good, family, and fun.
We help our clients answer Career FAQs and take critical steps to integrate career options with family, and fun, and planetary service for more free time and a rewarding and balanced life.