Behavioral Sciences

Mastering Change 

Changing our behavior can help us achieve our goals, whether those goals entail cutting operational costs for our buildings, gaining market share for our company, increasing our nonprofit’s membership, or becoming a better leader. Behavior change is actually key to effective leadership. As Hal Gregersen explains in The Four Behaviors of Innovative Leaders, it is important to experiment, be willing to try new things, come up with new ideas, and execute them, which requires teams in which everyone is a leader in some respect. 

Alchemus Prime focuses on individual and team self-efficacy, or confidence in our ability to change our behavior and achieve the outcome we desire. Combining self-efficacy with creativity gives us what David Kelley of IDEO calls creative confidence in his book of the same name; this creative self-efficacy can be a powerful way to overcome the most difficult of obstacles. Self-efficacy is a prime solution because it is often a more reliable way to change behavior compared to giving people information or appealing to their attitudes or values. Self-efficacy functions with a framework called reciprocal causation, which essentially says that our behavior, our social and physical environment, and our beliefs and values interact dynamically to determine behavior change. 

Research indicates that workaholism predicts poor health and productivity, while a top-down culture of humanity and wellness leads to enhanced engagement and success. As we work with our clients, we apply intrinsic or inner motivation, such as feeling competent, having a sense of control, feeling connected to a community, and cooperating with others. Intrinsic motivation is more effective (and cost-effective) than extrinsic or external motivators such as a monetary incentive. We help our clients tap into intrinsic motivations to achieve and sustain healthy habits and practices that lead to higher productivity, improved wellness, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency. 

The Alchemus Prime Diamond Model leverages self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation, and other proven behavioral science tools to help our clients experience internal change and adapt to external change in ways that are positive, effective, and empowering.

Behavior change strategies help you take a stand and lead with grace, successfully implementing the objectives you identify.
Behavior change strategies help you take a stand and lead with grace, successfully implementing the objectives you identify.

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