A management consultancy like no other, we innovate through science to help our clients achieve at their prime. Alchemus Prime’s leadership and wellness workshops, retreats, coaching, and long-term consulting services help our clients start up, reinvent, grow, and sustain their teams and entities. We work nationally and internationally with individuals, teams, startups, businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities working on diverse projects, which start with answering the Prime Questions

We ensure that our clients’ priorities are aligned with their vision, mission, and goals before they develop objectives and begin or continue implementation. The Alchemus Prime model can be used for:

We infuse management consulting with optimized win-win solutions.
We infuse management consulting with  win-win solutions for people and nature.
  • a set of integrated solutions for client, market, customer, society, and the earth
  • career reinvention and revitalization through our Career Manifestation Program 
  • change management strategies e.g. when adapting to new policies or technologies
  • communication, empathy, and diversity training
  • design thinking and team building workshops 
  • employee, customer, and community engagement
  • executive and personal effectiveness coaching
  • leadership development services
  • product and service design
  • project and program development, implementation and evaluation
  • wellness program development and coaching

The Alchemus Prime Diamond Model integrates behavioral sciences, design thinking, biomimicry, and meditation. We customize our management consulting services to help our clients assess their contexts, overcome barriers, generate ideas, design solutions, and implement them to achieve their goals. The Prime Questions determine our approach, which optimizes processes and interactions so that clients experience and replicate win-win solutions by achieving their prime potential.